About McQuillan’s Homestay and Fishing

We started the endeavor of building a homestay which goes above and beyond what is currently offered to guests across Thailand 2 years ago and it has been an amazing journey, while we have a 5 year development plan in place, it is already, above and beyond in terms of accommodation, food and activities on offer.

The fishing lakes

Currently, we have 2 fishing lakes operational out of 7. In our 5 year plan, we intend on reducing the number of lakes to 4 while increasing the size through a merging and expansion process. The back lake which will be the largest will cover 4 acres with islands and tiered depths. It will be a non predator lake.

Our Philosophy

Too many rules take out the fun in fishing. We operate on an angler first basis. Fishing is about relaxing, strategizing your approach and utilizing that strategy to catch a fish of a life time. Having a guide come screaming at you because you employ a strategy they do not understand is tyrannical and any fishery which has such employees should be avoided. There are a few in Thailand. Fish care is as important to us as anyone else, but we consult professionals not ex-scaffolders about our fish care.


Fishing, Fishing and guess what…more fishing.

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